Bully Dog Power Pup ECM Tuner for CAT™ engines Power Pup™ for use with CAT™ Engines

Tuning Options:
  • Economy Only Tune: improve engine efficiency and fuel economy without adding power.
  • Economy plus Power: improve fuel economy and add about 15% more power.
  • Free Custom Tuning: If you want to try and maximize fuel economy or you want more power than the stock tunes we will provide you with up to two free custom tunes so you can get your truck running exactly how you want it. This Free Custom Tuning feature is also a huge benefit to Big Rig racers who have custom modifications and need to get everything dialed in just right. Custom Tuning is only available on the Power Pup Downloader. All custom tunes are made available through an internet update which means that we can have same day service as long as our staff is available.
Standard Features:
  • Transferable to a different vehicle
  • Change your tuning at any time
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to return to stock
  • Free Internet Updates and Upgrades
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Power Pup™ Advanced Features for Caterpillar™ Engines
  • Adjust Speed Limiter (30-127 MPH)
  • Set Cruise High (30-127 MPH)
  • Set Cruise Low (30-127 MPH)
  • Adjust Engine Idle Time (1-60 minutes)
Fuel Economy Guarantee: If you buy the Power Pup specifically to improve fuel economy and you don't get results that satisfy you then you can return the product for a full refund within 30 Days.*
*At participating dealers

Return on Investment: Many of our customers view the Power Pup as an investment. With the fuel economy gains they get from the power pup they save enough fuel to pay for the product within a matter of months. Once the product is paid off then all the fuel saved equals cash in your pocket. Check out our ROI Calculator for details.

Who Buys this Product?

Fleets: We have many small to medium sized fleets who use this product strictly for the ROI.
Owner Ops: Owner ops can save a very significant amount on the ROI and many of our owner op customers really enjoy the extra power to get them through hills and mountain passes.
Competition Racers and Pullers: Being that we have direct access to the ECM we can create specialty tunes that will maximize engine horsepower output and we can custom tailor the tuning to work with any engine modifications.
Routes through Ontario or Quebec? Top speed limits of 65 mph have been placed on all truckers while driving through Ontario or Quebec Canada. The Power Pup can modify the vehicles top speed limiter to be compliant in these provinces. Once out of these provinces the Power Pup can change the speed limiter back and the entire process of changing the speed limiter only takes about 5 seconds.

Engine Applications:
  • 3406E 14.6L '94-'98
  • 3406E 15.8L '97-'99
  • C10 10.3L '95-'03
  • C11 11.1L '04-'07
  • C12 12.0L '95-'03
  • C13 12.5L '04-'07 (does not include DPF models*)
  • C15 14.6L '99-'03
  • C15 15.2L '04-'07 (does not include DPF models*)
  • C16 15.8L '99-'02
*DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter, a new emissions device that is installed on late '07 models and all newer models from that point.

More applications and features are in development.

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